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  • Vision
    Let more people benefit from the development of automotive technology
  • Mission
    Master advanced technology to improve automotive components
  • Values
Orchard Culture
General Principles Responsible Improving Sharing
Key meanings Due diligence Positive cultivating Grateful & sharing
Nature Instinct Duty Grateful
Performance Bravery Diligence Happiness
Decomposition Quality culture Improvement culture Team culture
Theory support Proper mission Scientific methods Meaning of life
Corresponding worlds Material world Mental world Spiritual world
Corresponding values Outlook on world Outlook on value Outlook on life
Estimated effect Be excellent Be grown-up Be useful
Culture color Blue Red White
Operational activities (examples) SOP, zero defect, introduced and created systems (BPS, BMS, quality system, EHS, etc.) Qualification, position catalog, staff reading activities, knowledge to be introduced, systems to be improved, topics and targets faced (such as 26262, operational plan, etc.) Announced targets, shared responsibility and results Interest group, sports month, home visit, art performance, etc.
Staff activities
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