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Technical Innovation
  • Through TPMS, the parameters of tires on different road surfaces are detected to determine the condition of the tire itself and the road conditions, so as to provide road information to the vehicle and provide the basis for vehicle control.
    Through Bluetooth communication technology, OTA of sensor software can be realized while the amount of data transmitted is increased. Through analysis of vehicle data, the monitoring algorithm is continuously optimized to improve reliability of the system.

  • Baolong’s electronically controlled air suspension system can significantly improve drive and ride comfort.
    Composed of height sensors, the controller, air springs, gas holders, air supply system and the valve block, the system can adaptively adjust body height by controlling the inflation and deflation of air springs according to driver’s needs, vehicle conditions and road surface conditions. In addition, combined with air spring dampers, the system can comprehensively adjust the height, stiffness and damping of the suspension, to enhance comfort, energy efficiency, passability, convenience and maneuvering stability of the vehicle.

  • Complete intelligent drive solutions

    Baolong’s 3.0 intelligent drive solution is to provide safe solutions of all scenes at all time under all weather conditions and relevant product services of all scenes.
    Through the standard self-developed infrared camera, 4D millimeter wave radar, stereo camera, and super fisheye lens, the 3.0 solution combined with V2X can handle complicated scenes of urban driving, including traffic lights at intersections, road construction, and bikes or pedestrians crossing the road, and ensure safety in bad weather. Based on the deep fusion of "point cloud-level" single vehicle sensing and V2X full-time sensing, V-SEE3.0 builds a sensing framework working at all time under all weather conditions supported by multi-dimensional information, allowing vehicles to truly “know” the environment and achieve high-level intelligent drive.

  • 4D millimeter-wave radar

    As a 77GHz long-range millimeter-wave radar, HDR10 imaging radar can detect the four-dimensional information of the target's distance, speed, azimuth, and pitch angle. Its maximum detection range is 300m, and the wide viewing angle is 120°. With antenna array of highly physical resolution and digital beamforming technology, it has higher resolution horizontally and vertically; therefore, can identify vehicles, non-motor vehicles, pedestrians, infrastructure, etc., and support SLAM positioning and mapping.
    With its working ability under all weather at all time and the four-dimensional high-resolution environment perception ability, it can greatly improve the safety and comfort of the intelligent drive system.

  • IR camera

    The energy of thermal radiation is directly related to the temperature of the object’s surface. The atmosphere, smoke, clouds, etc. can absorb visible light and near-infrared rays, but are transparent to thermal infrared rays of 8-14 microns. As a result, passive infrared thermal imaging technology are good at scenes with insufficient visible light, and can penetrate sand, smog, etc. Baolong’s infrared night vision products lay the foundation for applications working at all-weather at all time.

  • With a wide spectrum of sensing products for intelligent drive, including front monocular camera, stereo camera, in-cabin camera, rear camera, AVM, and intelligent drive products such as front/rear millimeter-wave radar, in-cabin radar, domain controllers, etc, Baolong provides one-stop solutions for OEMs.

  • Liquid cold plates

    As a core component of the liquid cooling module of power battery thermal management, the liquid cold plate is in direct contact with the power battery or the surface of the module. The heat generated during battery operation is taken away by the cooling liquid in the exterior flow channel of the cold plate, so that the battery pack can work under the optimal temperature range. The cooling effect of the liquid cold plate has big influence on the reliability, life and performance of cells. Aluminum alloy liquid cold plates with advantages of simple structure and high productivity are very competitive, and are widely used in the cooling system of the power batteries of new energy vehicles.

  • Based on the working principle of inductance, the signal difference between the excitation coil and the receiving coil caused by the rotor can be detected to realize accurate angle detection. With the multi-pole design, high-precision mechanical angle measurement is achieved.
    With its flexible and simple structure, and cost advantage, the motor position sensor is an ideal alternative to resolvers and can be applied to motor systems such as steering, braking, and power systems.

  • The magnetic field generated by the current gathers and forms the field strength in a specific direction. The field strength passes through the Hall device to form a Hall voltage. After being amplified and calibrated by the Hall chip integrated circuit, a specific proportional voltage is output, which is output to the control system through the interface. The current measured by this principle ranges from hundreds to thousands of amps.
    Current sensors have been applied by core systems of the vehicle. Crucial for the battery management system (BMS), battery distribution unit (BDU), and power distribution unit (PDU) of EV, power management equipment of industrial lithium battery and charging piles, current sensors can eliminate "range anxiety" and "charging anxiety" caused by excessive charging and discharging, effectively reduce accidents of new energy vehicles caused by batteries. Characterized by their high stability, high precision, and high & low temperature resistance, Baolong’s current sensors have won recognition of many local OEMs and battery manufacturers.

Co-construction of Disciplines
Baolong and Wuhan University of Technology have jointly established an innovation center of automotive intelligence assisted drive technology, giving full play to Baolong’s advantage in R&D and industrialization of automotive intelligent products and the university’s advantage in the research of automotive intelligent drive technology.
Industry - University - Research Collaboration
The company has carried out specialized cooperation with universities such as Tongji University and Shanghai University of Engineering Science on air suspension, sensors, intelligent manufacturing, etc., and cooperated with industry leaders at home and abroad in the application of industrial chains in the field of automotive intelligent sensing.
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