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Intelligent . Lightweight Automotive Components Leader
  • Tire valves
  • Wheel weights
  • Aluminum Parts
Tire valves
The valve is used for tire inflation and deflation, and is a core component of the tire. There’re snap-in valves (usually made of rubber) and clamp-in valves (usually made of metal). Now as the demand for TPMS is growing, TPMS valves have become a new engine for growth of the business.
  • Average Annual Production & Sales
    One of the largest tire valve
    suppliers in the world
  • Traceability of Production
    Laser marking
  • Excellent Performance
    EPDM rubber formulation,
    excellent ozone resistance
Excellent Quality
Been awarded several times by customers
The Main Drafting Unit of National Standards

The main drafting unit of China’s national tire valves standards

Deputy Director of Tire Valves Committee, China Chemical Industry Association

Deputy Committee of Tire Valves Technical Committee, National Tire & Rim Standardization Technical Committee

Member of European Tire & Rim Technical Organization and American Tire Industry Association

  •  Metal Valves
  •  Rubber Valves
 TPMS Valves

Various products for customers

A major manufacturer of valves and TPMS globally.

Wheel weights
Wheel weight is the core component for wheel dynamic balance. As a counterweight installed on the wheel, it ensures that the wheel remains a balance state under high-speed rotation. It can be divided into clip-on wheel weight and adhesive wheel weight according to the installation methods; steel wheel weight and zinc wheel weight according to materials.
  • One of The Top 3 Suppliers Globally
    One of the largest wheel weights suppliers to OEMs in China
  • Mazda's Exclusive Global Supplier
    Exports to Japan and an exclusive global supplier to Mazda
  • Types of Products
    Environmental friendly wheel weights meet the requirements of rims of different specifications
Wheel Weights and Automated Installation Solutions
  •  Steel Clip-on Wheel Weights
  •  Zinc Clip-on Wheel Weights
  •  Adhesive Wheel Weights
Aluminum parts
Aluminum parts are an important product line of the company's lightweight strategy. Aluminum alloy materials have obvious advantages in improving transportation efficiency, recycling, energy conservation emission reduction, traffic safety and so on. Under the condition of maintaining the same quality, replacing steel with aluminum can reduce the weight of the vehicle by 30%-40%, which can not only improve the vehicle controllability, but also reduce fuel consumption. The application of aluminum products conforms to the lightweight trend of automotive.
  • Various Forming Techniques
    Aluminum processing and forming technology, spinning technology, aluminum thin-wall welding technology
  • Specialized Multi-station Lathes
    Self-developed specialized lathes, with high stability and efficiency
  • Automated Assembly Lines
    for Gas Holders
    Fully automated assembly lines connected to the manufacturing execution system, which makes the whole process traceable.
  •  Liquid Holder
  •  Evaporator Inlet & Outlet Pipes
  •  Brackets
  •  Couplings (Pressure Plates)
  •  Connectors & Pipes
  •  Automotive Sensor Bases
 Gas Holder for ECAS
Busbar (composite-structured connecting busbar) is used for the connection between the cells of the power battery, realizing the series/parallel structure of the cells, and it undertakes the sampling of voltage and temperature, which is very important to the safety of the power battery. It is widely used in electric and hybrid traction, electric traction equipment, cellular communication, base stations, telephone switching systems, large network equipment, large and medium-sized computers, power switching systems, welding systems, military equipment systems, power generation systems, power conversion modules of electric equipment, etc.
  • Special Welding
    Superior mechanical strength and excellent electrical conductivity
  • Non-standard Design
    100% custom according to customer requirements
Vehicle-Electricity Connection Solutions
  •  Soft/Hard Busbar
  •  Injection Molded Busbar
  •  Injection Molded Components
  • ECAS
  • Air Springs
As a semi-active suspension, electronically controlled air suspension system can control the chassis height, body inclination and damping coefficient, which can significantly improve driving experience, ride comfort and the intelligence level of chassis.
  • A Local Leader
    One of the leading domestic electronically controlled air suspension OEM suppliers in China
  • Supplies to Many OEMs
    As of 2022, 20 OEM projects have been obtained
  • Industry 4.0
    Automated and intelligent manufacturing, with strong cost and scale advantages
  • Leading R&D Strength
    Entered this field in 2012, with a strong technical team, complete development process, and test & manufacturing facilities
  • System Certification
    ISO26262 ASIL D
Air Suspension Systems Solutions
  • Mass-produced
    Independent Air Spring
  • Mass-produced
    Vehicle Accelerator Sensor
  • Mass-produced
    Air Spring Damper assembly
  • Mass-produced
    Air Suspension Controller(ECU)
  • Mass-produced
    Gas Holder
  •  Air Compressor
  •  Valve Block
  • Mass-produced
    Height Sensors
Air springs
The air spring is an elastic component that uses the reaction force of the internal compression of the rubber airbag as the elasticity restoring force. As the core part of air suspension, it is widely used in passenger vehicles, buses, trucks and other heavy commercial vehicles. Proving more comfort and safety, air spring is the ideal replacement for traditional steel spring.
The air spring damper can adjust the damping force on different road surfaces through the lead type solenoid valve, and maintain the body posture during starting, steering and braking.
  • A Local Leader
    One of the leading OEM domestic suppliers of air springs in China.
  • Supplies to Many OEMs
    As of 2022, 20 OEM projects have been obtained
  • Industry 4.0
    Automated and intelligent manufacturing, with strong cost and scale advantages
  • High-quality Raw Materials
    High-quality raw rubber and cord materials from internationally renowned suppliers
  • Excellent Product Performance
    Performance of bench fatigue test and mileage of vehicle fatigue test meet and exceed the industry standard, which are industry-leading.
 Passenger Vehicle
  • Air Spring Damper Assembly
  • Independent Air Spring
 Commercial Vehicle
  • Rolling Lobe Air Spring
  • Bellows Type Air Spring
  • Sleeve Type Air Spring
  • Exhaust pipes
  • EGR Pipes
  • Roof Rail
  • Metal Brackets
Exhaust pipes
Exhaust pipes including exhaust-mounted trims and bumper-mounted trims, are the pipes behind the exhaust manifold of the engine. They’re very important for the engine to exhaust smoothly and improve the power, and also serve as decoration for the vehicle.
  • Multiple Surface Treatment Solutions
    A variety of surface treatment options such as painting, polishing and electroplating, meeting the technical standards of German, American and Japanese OEMs.
  • Synchronous Design
    One of the largest exhaust pipes suppliers to OEMs in China
  • Excellent Quality
    Been awarded many times by OEMs and Tier 1 customers.
Various Forming Solutions
Stamp welding, pipe forming, internal high pressure forming, etc.
  •  Exhaust-mounted Trims
  •  Bumper-mounted Trims
  •  Hot End Pipes
EGR Pipes
EGR pipes are technically mature and have very good performance. They can facilitate the in and out of exhaust gas when the EGR system is working and enhance the system’s efficiency. Exhaust gas recirculation system is a kind of off-machine purification technology, which reintroduces part of the exhaust gas from the engine into the cylinder for combustion, thereby reducing the temperature in the cylinder and NOx emissions.
  • Process Matching
    Stamping welding or hydroforming process according to specific design requirements and working environment.
  • Special Line Production
    Supply pipe parts of EGR coolers of passenger vehicles and commercial vehicles through specialized production lines with large volume capacity.
  • Emission Reduction
    Supply high-quality products with low-cost to customers from different regions to meet increasingly stringent emission requirements.
 EGR Pipes
Roof Rail 
Mounted on the roof of vehicle to carry large items and luggage, roof rail  greatly expand the utility of vehicle. Moreover, their diverse shapes add novel element to the exterior design of SUVs and other vehicles.
  • Multiple Solutions of Surface Treatment
    A variety of surface treatment options such as anodizing, painting and powder coating, meet the technical standards of different OEMs, including German, American and Japanese carmakers.
  • Synchronous Design
    Meets all kinds of design and styling requirements.
    Provides complete design solutions.
  • Competitive Cost of Quality
    Excellent product quality.
    Provides optimized solution to reduce costs.
 Roof Rail 
Metal Brackets
Provides customized products of metals, with thickness from 0.3mm to 6mm, for connecting and fixing various components of the vehicle.
  • Competitive Cost of Quality
    Automated stamping production lines ensure the consistency of products.
    Enhanced productivity and quality to reduce costs.
    Sophisticated equipment such as laser cutting and laser welding, improve the product accuracy and efficiency.
  • Synchronous Design
    Meets all kinds of design and styling requirements.
    Provides complete design solutions.
  • Multiple Solutions of Surface Treatment
    A variety of surface treatment options such as electrophoresis, passivation, painting and powder coating, meet the technical standards of different OEMs, including German, American and Japanese carmakers.
 Metal supports
Lightweight Structural Parts
Our optimized product structure, innovative equipment and process can reduce the weight by 20%-30% on the premise of ensuring strength and safety, which help improve the power of the vehicle, reduce fuel consumption & pollution, and achieve energy conservation & emission reduction.
  • 20%-30% Weight Reduction
    Compared with traditional stamp welding products, the weight of hydroformed parts is reduced by 20%-30%.
  • Strong in the Whole Process
    Has supplies to OEMs for many years, and is strong in the whole process from material performance test, molding process analysis, design and development of equipment & mold, to product trial production.
  • Material Utilization Rate Increased by 20%-40%
    Compared with traditional stamp welding products, the material utilization rate of hydroformed parts is high.
Win-win co-operation
JV with Salzgitter (an automotive hydroforming expert from Germany) in 2018, to expand their sales, R&D and manufacturing globally.
  • Radiator Enclosure
  • Engine Beam
  • Instrument Panel Beam
  • Rear Brace
  • Side Girder
  • Edge Beam
  • Side Frame Bracket
  • Torsion Beam
Tire Pressure Monitoring Systems
TPMS (short for tire pressure monitoring systems) can automatically monitor the tire pressure and temperature in real time and alarm for tire deflation, low pressure, high pressure, and high temperature to ensure driving safety.
Win-win co-operation
BH SENS, a joint venture by Baolong and Huf Group officially came into service in China, Germany and the United States in January 2019. Combining the two companies’ experience and advantages in TPMS, BH SENS provides extensive TPMS solutions for passenger vehicles, commercial vehicles and off the road vehicles.
  • Pressure sensors
  • Rain and Light Sensors
  • Speed & Position Sensors
  • Current sensors
  • Accelerator / Yaw Rate Sensor
Pressure sensors
With extensive product range, Baolong can provide customers with one-stop automotive sensor solutions. Baolong has developed and verified pressure sensors meeting China VI emission standard. With self-developed packaging design and packaging process techniques, our sensors are characterized by their high precision, wide measuring range, and wide application range, which provide technical foundations to accelerate auto intelligence and energy conservation.
  • China VI Standard
    Several kinds of pressure sensors meet the China VI emission standard
  • MEMS Chip Technology
    Self-developed packaging design and packaging process
  • Intelligent Emission Reduction
    Super precise measurement ensures a high level of “lean”
  • Kinds
    Develops and manufactures over 20 kinds of MEMS pressure sensors
  •  A/C Pressure Sensor
  •  Engine Oil Pressure Sensor
  •  EGR Differential Pressure Sensor
  •  SCR Pressure Sensor
  •  Fuel Tank Pressure Sensor
  •  T-MAP
  •  Brake Booster Pressure Sensor
  •  Carbon Canister Desorption Pressure Sensor
  •  GPF/DPF Differential Pressure Sensor
  •  Temperature & Pressure Sensor
Rain and Light Sensors
With an independent and strong R&D team, Baolong began to develop rain and light sensors in 2012. These sensors can realize automated wiper control by detecting rainfall, automated control of high/low beams by detecting light intensity, automated A/C by detecting the radiation intensity of sunlight, automated defogging of the front windshield by detecting the temperature and humidity in its inner side, and HUD brightness adjustment by detecting the illumination of the lower front of the vehicle—all of which ensure active driving safety and improve driving comfort and convenience.
  • Intelligent Adjustment
    Accurate measurement of ambient rain, light, temperature, humidity, etc. for intelligent control of different functions
  • Comfortable & Safe
    Automated control makes driving easy
  • Energy Conservation & Environmental Protection
    Effectively improve energy utilization rate of air conditioning in vehicles
  •  Rain & Light Sensor/ Rain
  •  Light & Humidity Sensor
  •  Five in One Sensor
Speed & Position Sensors
Baolong has developed more than ten kinds of speed and position sensors for the core systems of the vehicle such as chassis, steering and gearbox. They are crucial for ESP, ABS, One Box, APA, ADAS, active suspension system, automated headlight height adjustment system, engine control system, automated transmission control system, etc.
  • High Precision & Fast Response
    Highly precise output of speed and position signal.
    Rapid signal response
  • Best Process
    Online inspection of welding quality.
    Visual inspection technology of harness.
    Accurate tracking of single product
  • Multiple Inspection
    CNAS certified self-test ability.
    Product quality inspected at all levels
  • Diagnosis
    Some products have fault diagnosis function, and can be configured with intelligent electronic components
  • Safe & Reliable
    Meets the requirements of functional safety standard ASIL B (D)
  • Robust Electrical Design
    Strong resistance to EMC and EMI interference
  •  Wheel Speed Sensor
  •  Transmission Input/Output Position Sensor
  •  Seat Position Sensor
  •  Suspension Height Sensor
  •  Brake Position Sensor
  •  Motor Position Sensor
  •  Steering Wheel Angle/Torque Sensor
  •  Brake Wear Indicator
Current sensors
The high-precision current sensors independently developed by Baolong have been applied by core systems of the vehicle. Crucial for the battery management system (BMS), battery distribution unit (BDU), and power distribution unit (PDU) of EV, power management equipment of industrial lithium battery and charging piles, current sensors can eliminate "range anxiety" and "charging anxiety" caused by excessive charging and discharging, effectively reduce accidents of new energy vehicles caused by batteries. Baolong’s current sensors have won recognition of many local OEMs and battery manufacturers.
  • Say Goodbye to "Range Anxiety"
    Monitors current stably
    Achieves high precision and zero hysteresis
  • Safe & Reliable
    Workstatus with immediate response has zero interference to the measuring system
  • Durable
    High linearity and low damage rate
  • Multiple Inspection
    CNAS certified self-test ability.
    Product quality inspected at all levels
  • Wide Application
    BMS, BDU, and PDU of EV, power management equipment of industrial lithium battery and charging piles.
  • Best Process
    Online inspection of welding quality
    Online control of acceleration accuracy
    Accurate tracking of single product
  •  BMS Power Monitoring Sensor
  •  Electronically Controlled Current Monitoring Sensor
  •  Tri-phase Current Sensor
  •  Shunt Current Sensor
Accelerator / Yaw Rate Sensor
Baolong’s accelerator sensors have been applied by the core systems of vehicles. They play important roles in the electronic stability program (ESP), active suspension system, internet of vehicles (TBOX), SRS system, etc., and can enhance comfort and safety.
  • Fast Response & High Precision
    Rapid signal response
    Real-time transmission of highly precise acceleration signals
  • Best Process
    Online inspection of welding quality
    Online control of acceleration accuracy
    Accurate tracking of single product
  • Multiple Inspection
    CNAS certified self-test ability.
    Product quality inspected at all levels
  • Research & Development
    The development of PSI5 protocol realizes detection and reading of product data and meets the mode configuration of PSI5 specified by customers
  • Safe & Reliable
    Meets the requirements of functional safety standard ASIL B (D)
  • Wide Application
    Intelligent control systems such as airbag and active suspension
  •  Suspension Accelerator Monitoring sensor
  •  Yaw Rate Sensor
Intelligent Drive Solutions
Our pursuit of intelligent drive is to drive safely and park easily.
  • 01

    Intelligent products

    functional modules 
    and solutions

  • 02
    Full Stack


    Multi-sensor fusion

    Planning control

  • 03
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    Business model

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    Strategic collaboration

  • 04
    Supply Chain

    20 years' experience in auto electronics


    Strategic partner of main chip manufacturers at home and abroad.


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    High-end manufacturing 

Intelligent Drive Solutions
Safe solutions of all scenes at all time under all weather
conditions and relevant product services of all scenes

High speed: Baolong provides front cameras and solutions for cockpit system with independent intellectual property rights. The front cameras include monocular camera and stereo camera, with image perception of 1M to 8M pixels. The cockpit system includes DMS, OMS and face ID, to realize monitoring, identification, alarm, interaction, etc. In addition, the company develops and manufactures various camera module products.

Low speed: the company can customize and develop software algorithm system of AVM and fusion of parking based on cockpit domain and domain controller, and camera modules of various pixels (1M, 2M, 3M, 8M) and FOVs. It supports independent AVM controller, controller for fusion of parking, integration of DVR, delivery upon white box testing and platform customization.

 Outside Camera
  • AVM-front camera
  • AVM-rear camera
  • AVM-left/right camera
  • BSD-left/right camera
 In-cabin Cameras
  • DMS camera
  • Occupancy detection camera
  • Face ID camera
  • Front HD camera
  • Monocular camera(passenger vehicle)
  • Monocular camera(commercial vehicle)
  • Stereo camera(passenger vehicle)
  • Stereo camera(commercial vehicle)

Involved in millimeter-wave radar for many years, Baolong possesses independent intellectual property rights in software and hardware, algorithms, antenna design, etc. With a complete development process system and advanced automated production line, it provides customers with high-quality radar to ensure driving safety.

  • Front millimeter-wave radar
  • Rear millimeter-wave radar
  • Front/rear corner millimeter-wave radar
  • In-cabin millimeter-wave radar
  • Side BSD millimeter-wave radar (CV)
Domain Controller

For high-level automated driving applications, the company provides a series of domain controllers that support integration of driving and parking, which are compatible with a variety of mainstream (AI) SoC chips, with computing power of 8~100+Tops, and realize functions of HWA / HWP, TJA / TJP, APA / RPA/AVP.

 Domain Controller
Ultrasonic Radar

The ultrasonic sensor system designed and developed by Baolong can realize position detection and coordinate detection of obstacles near the vehicle. It supports detection distance of 3M, 5M, and 7M. By matching the installation position of sensors and optimizing the software filtering algorithm, the detection of low obstacles can be realized while avoiding false alarms on the road. Based on this, the ultrasonic sensor system can realize ADAS functions such as parking assist warning (PAS), automated parking (including integrated automated parking and remote parking), blind spot detection (BSD) of rear side, emergency braking at low speed (MTG), etc

 Ultrasonic Radar
  • Ultrasonic Radar
Automotive Aftermarket & Equipment
CARXPERT, a brand of aftermarket products & services of Baolong, is dedicated to providing aftermarket customers with tire accessories, tools and repair consumables including tire valves, wheel weights, TPMS, etc., and maintenance accessories and services such as air spring dampers and sensors. It provides comprehensive solutions for terminal stores, dealers, tire shops, supply chain platforms, accessories chains, etc.
Maintenance equipment and tools
Maintenance Equipment & Tools
As a professional supplier of automotive maintenance equipment and services, THUNDER (a subsidiary of Baolong) provides a wide range of equipment, tools and services for four-wheel alignment, tire changing & balancing, vehicle lifting & maintenance, new energy battery pack disassembly & assembling, new energy testing. It also imports high-end automotive maintenance equipment and services, offering a full range of equipment selection, application and services for dealers, maintenance chains, 4S shops, test sites, vehicle R&D and testing centers, etc.
Automated production line
Automated Production Line
MMS (a subsidiary of Baolong) from Europe focuses on the design and manufacturing of modular, flexible and intelligent non-standard production lines. It customizes one-stop solutions such as high-precision intelligent production, assembly and inspection lines, and high-speed stamping & injection molding production lines for customers in the field of automobiles, electronics, communication, and medical care. In addition, it provides technical services including production line automation, intelligent upgrading and improvement.
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