Intelligent drive solutions
Safe solutions of all scenes at all time under all weather
conditions and relevant product services of all scenes
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  Front millimeter-wave radar
  Head-end camera
  IR camera
  Corner millimeter-wave radar
  Fisheye lens
  Rear camera

Baolong’s 3.0 intelligent drive solution is to provide safe solutions of all scenes at all time under all weather conditions and relevant product services of all scenes.

Through the standard self-developed infrared camera, 4D millimeter wave radar, stereo camera, and super fisheye lens, the 3.0 solution combined with V2X can handle complicated scenes of urban driving, including traffic lights at intersections, road construction, and bikes or pedestrians crossing the road, and ensure safety in bad weather. Based on the deep fusion of "point cloud-level" single vehicle sensing and V2X full-time sensing, V-SEE3.0 builds a sensing framework working at all time under all weather conditions supported by multi-dimensional information, allowing vehicles to truly “know” the environment and achieve high-level intelligent drive.

  • Safe
    At all relevant speeds and under all weather conditions
  • Magic body control preview 
    Industry leading
  • Intelligent
    Self-driving to the specified location only by clicking one button
  • Parking
    Valet parking within 1km (underground floor)
  • Traffic signs
    Start and stop at the stop lines of traffic lights, and give way at designated crossings
  • Strong adaptability
    To bad weather (wind/rain/fog)
  • Autonomous passing
    ETC gate
  • Easy
    Navigation and intelligent driving between two specified locations (urban area)

The V-SEE2.0 intelligent drive solution is dedicated to multi-lane driving, allowing active lane changing, road network switching, trained parking, etc.

It can accurately detect potholes and speed bumps on the road through the front stereo camera, and bring you comprehensive intelligent drive experience, combined with the adaptive height adjustment by air suspension. In addition, the 2.0 solution detects the surroundings all the time, and supports the upgrading functions of active lane changing, trained parking, etc.

  • Lane change
    Navigation and intelligent driving on highways, road network switching, intelligent lane changing, and intelligent speed adjustment
  • Magic body control preview
    Industry leading
  • Safety
    ENCAP five-star (applicable globally)
  • Easy
    Narrow road crossing assistance
  • Memory
    Supports trained parking within 50m (detour for obstacles)

The V-SEE1.0 intelligent drive solution is dedicated to single-lane driving safety, providing L2+ intelligent drive experience.

Through the front wide-angle camera, the vehicle can detect as far as 300m away, which significantly improves the braking safety.

The optional 1.0 Plus solution allows upgrading to the function of integration of driving & parking, turning on turn signals, and changing lanes.

  • Parking
    APA / RPA
  • Magic body control preview
    Industry leading
  • Safety
    CNCAP Five-star
  • Identification
    Works for stationary vehicles and traffic cones (stereo camera + speed bumps)
  • Cornering
    Self-adaptive small radius and speed adjustment for bends or corners
  • Extension
    Turning on turn signals, changing lanes and overtaking
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