Baolong Founded a New Company Engaging in Intelligent Manufacturing

Baolong has recently founded a wholly-owned subsidiary named MMS Automation Technology (Shanghai) Co., Ltd., revealing its determination to expand to the field of intelligent manufacturing.

 The new company offers a diversified portfolio of high-speed stamping lines, micro injection molding production lines, intelligent assembly & testing lines, application of industrial robots, automated production line upgrading and improvement, etc. With standard software, it provides complete solutions of manufacturing execution system, end of line test system, data acquisition system, electronic operation instruction system, repair control system, intelligent diagnosis system and data analysis.

The company is established against the backdrop of the rapid development of intelligent manufacturing globally. Baolong’s first foray into this field goes back to Feb. 2019, when it acquired 70% of shares of MMS, an Austrian provider of intelligent manufacturing & technology service, and set up an operating center in Shanghai to bring leading technology and equipment of one-stop intelligent manufacturing system from Europe to China and other Asia-pacific area.

With R&D teams respectively in Shanghai, China and Austria, the company has developed its core technology and produced components independently, based on MMS’ high-automation technology and rich design experience in modulization and flexibility. So far, the company has been providing intelligent manufacturing solutions for Baolong’s production lines, has designed and created the first domestic CRFL production line for a well-known local OEM, and is now designing and producing components production lines for a famed automotive interiors & exteriors supplier.

The company’s establishment has enhanced Baolong’s manufacturing capacity of automated, digitalized and intelligent equipment. In future, MMS will be focused on the field of auto electrics, 3C products, electronic communication and home appliances, providing Chinese customers with intelligent and modularized manufacturing system solutions of high flexibility, high productivity and high value.

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